Talk2Tower is an live, online, internet-based Aviation Radio Instruction company that conducts learning sessions through Zoom so you never have to go further than your computer or smartphone to have a lesson.

Once a student purchases a course, the student will enter a portal where they may sign up for the individual classes.  Depending on the course purchased, the syllabus, study guide and calendar for dates and times you wish to work will then be accessible.

Talk2Tower scenarios are tailored and personalized for each individual student’s needs. We do not use voice recognition, require expensive simulators or headsets, and our ATC Instructors drive the live lessons and curriculum to ensure each student receives the appropriate instruction to assure their confidence and success when speaking with Air Traffic Control when they get in an aircraft.

Talk2Tower is a for profit company, as such, WINGS credits can’t be awarded; however, Talk2Tower host 4 seminars each year that do earn WINGS credits. Watch for our announcements on social media: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

  1. The first major benefit is the obvious increase in safety when a pilot understands exactly what the Controller is saying or asking, and quickly, easily and efficiently responds accordingly.
  2. The ability to stop a scenario at the request of the student (or if the ATC Instructor feels clarification is necessary) and have the Air Traffic Controller explain the concept or reasoning for an instruction. Since the classes are live, this is easy to do.
  3. The ability to concentrate on learning the skill of aviation radio communication without having to sacrifice attention in order to keep heading, altitude, and attitude in an aircraft, diminishing the acquisition of speaking effectively and proficiently over the radio. This drastically improves the safety of your flight knowing you will return safely home.

Instruction starts out one-on-one with an ATC Instructor, then moves into a class size limited to 5 students. The students in each class are at the same approximate level of training.

Classes are held over Zoom. There is no special equipment needed; only a computer or smartphone.

The scenarios start at a basic level and each lesson builds on the one before. If you are having a problem grasping an instruction or the response needed in the aircraft, the Air Traffic Controllers are more than willing to help to ensure comprehension.

Yes the scenarios are recorded but since a pilot doesn’t see the Controller when flying, the scenarios are audible recordings only.

No there is no guarantee. Your success depends on your effort; just as it does when learning to fly.  However, since you are working with actual Air Traffic Controllers, your potential to become the best radio communicator you can be is elevated enormously. We are available to instantly stop and explain any area in which you need extra help.

Talk2tower honors all who have served in the military with a 10% discount.  Any other discounts are on an individual basis.

Yes we can split the cost of the course up to 4 payments. Ask us how.

Absolutely! We offer a free 30-minute VFR class. No credit card information or obligation is necessary.

We are currently developing a Private Pilot Checkride Radio Prep Session and an Airfield Maintenance Personnel Manual.

We have 6 courses available. The decision is subjective and one that our Air Traffic Controllers can help you with based on your current level of comprehension and experience speaking with Air Traffic Control.

Talk2tower is cross-platform and will work seamlessly, whether you are on a laptop, Mac, or your smartphone.  If you can access Zoom, you are able to access your study session.

60 days. This limit is to encourage the completion of the course in a timeframe designed to aid in the overall comprehension of all material, as there is a much greater opportunity to acquire the skills necessary to speak with ATC by consistency in training.

This is determined on a case-by-case basis, and at the discretion of administrators.

We can accommodate most schedules but try and limit the hours to 8am-8pm CST. Our Controllers are still full time Air Traffic Controllers so they are experienced in shift work and are willing to make the rare exception.

Yes. We can make a wonderful presentation gift card in any amount.

Yes we do. Even though the language of Aviation worldwide is English, there are numerous ESL students flying in the US with a minimal grasp of English, let alone the nuances of Aviation English.  All Talk2tower Controllers are skilled at helping these students.

Once you have paid for your course and established your account, you will be able to access your specific documents online.