Aviation Communication

Kent McRee

“I want to be a pilot, but am I too old to learn to fly?”

That’s a question one of our founders, Kent McRee, often struggled with on his pilot journey. Kent’s passion for flight started after a couple commercial flight mishaps and a pandemic spent watching his favorite Youtuber Niko’s Wings. He was inspired by how Niko owns a software business and uses his Cirrus airplane to travel all over the country for both business and pleasure, and that’s when Kent thought — “Hey I could do that — but is it too late for me to fly? Isn’t flying a young man’s game?”

But after a friend took him on an exploratory flight, he was hooked, and knew he had to give it a try. As he began flight training, he struggled with the entirely new universe he was being thrust into.

“The hardest part was not just flying the airplane but all the rules and regulations. It’s like drinking water from a fire hose. And to take things further, your instructor is talking to the tower in a language you’ve never heard before really quickly. It’s overwhelming!” he said.

Thanks to retired Air Traffic Controller, Pamelita Ware, who worked with Kent outside of his flight training on special real-time radio communication scenarios, Kent mastered his radio skills.

We’re so proud to share that he got his official private pilot’s license in October 2021.

And as for flying being only the young man’s game? Kent shares what he’s learned:

“We were raised to believe that at 60 years old it’s all over, you should just sit out on your porch and whittle away the day. To that, I said NO WAY. I’m having the time of my life and I’m about to get my pilot’s license.”

And next up for Kent? “I think I’ll get my instrument rating. It’s never too late. Sure, it takes a commitment, but it’s worth it. Go for it.”